Baseball Funny Videos- the Epitome of Summer

Why BASEBALL... Because there are some really funny videos and it’s keeping with my summer attitude 

Baseball funny videos -,vid:UAYs3XczBa4 


Kundalini yoga

Wayne Dyer- Wonderful video regarding the Art of Empowerment

Calming music

WINE: Unusual Summer Reds CHILLED

I prefer unusual reds for summer and CHILLED @ 55 degrees.   Any European vineyard cellar and the restaurant storeage will be below ground.  The average temperature for the whites and reds are naturally chilled to 55 degrees.

Grands Fers Fleurie:  Of the nine Cru Beaujolais, I prefer the Fleurie for summer drinking and summer foods.    $25 rangeThis wine that can stand up to hearty flavors such as southern style BBQ, and fried oysters, macaroni and cheese. 

Lambrusco di Nicchia

One of the reasons that I loved working in the fine wine industry, is that it is steeped in history.  This Nicchia di Lambrusco di Modena was named after a courtesan, the Countess of  Castiglione, who became a spy, aka, secret agent, for Italy and traveled to Paris for that reason around 1848. It is a sparkling Lambrusco from Cantina di Carafoli in the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy.  Common blending of varietals include Croatina , etc $15 range


My Favorite Things

FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: kick those thoughts to the curb

MINICOURSE created by Valerie Hail. Choose one class $57 

Six classes $237

Here’s a quick video that is the introduction and first lesson. There is a free lesson in the video.

People can choose one lesson or six consecutive lessons

Masterclass to create your online course by Julie Hood

Is your Course idea any good FREE TEST