Add Some WooWoo to Your Business

WORKING WITH THE LAW  11 Truth Principles for Successful Living, Holliwell, Raymond
If you have your own business, department head, etc you can practice bringing a touch of Spirituality to it simply by embracing the Laws of the Universe 
Just  like there are laws of electricity, gravity, think Einstein, we have Laws of the Universe…and the Law of Compensation impacts businesses everyday . 
Woo woo is a look at the 12 universal laws
Specifically- the Law of Compensation 
Win - Win is the quickest method to add spiritual essence to your biz practice 
EXAMPLE When the new buyer and I were negotiating a deal for the sale of my property, he offered to pay off the mortgages for me - $820,000 and provide me with a monthly stipend until my new business had steady income.
I offered to do marketing and property management for them in turn for this assistance.
That is a WIN - WIN and I added a touch of Spirituality because I didn’t want something for nothing.  
( unfortunately he renigged but I am pursuing an entirely new direction.  This is a blessing in disguise as I REALLY WANT NOTHING to do with NY any longer. )
Kundalini Yoga - tithing is an important practice in our daily lives.
Therefore  a donation to Soothe our Souls can certainly be part of your tithing!
This weekend is the last opportunity to donate that CATAMARAN 
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TV interview from WFLA If you would like to donate money, gift certificates, lodging, dinner gift cards here is that link. Donations accepted to OCTOBER 22, 2022 SOS 2022 AUCTION 
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Wine- 4 th and Vine is donating the basic wine club Fall Into Our Wine Club! to SOOTHE OUR SOULS fundraising event. They will be the ONLY wine store in the auction Have you joined our wine club yet? Each month, you’ll receive wines hand selected for you by Edith based on your individual preferences (no two selections are exactly the same!), plus discounts on events, and an extra 5%off all of your purchases (this adds up fast!)! 
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