7 miracle moves

Stay in the question posits Gay Hendricks, a world renown psychologist.  When you ask, "I wonder....or "how can I" ...regarding a situation, you aren't  looking for answers. You want IDEAS

His 10 second jet propelled miracle move is a three in one combo: Claim full responsibility for contributing to a situation..( NO FAULT),Take ownership, i.e. "I must have a need..." and Take responsibility for a favorable outcome. Hendricks Institute https://hendricks.com. Known for his seminars Conscious Loving.

Mat Bogs Cracking the Man Code 


Kundalini Yoga - when confronting a possible dangerous situation where you feel that you need a "warriors" mentality use this kriya which is the archer's pose.  send me an email vahail1956@gmail.com and I'll send you the kriya

Champagne - I am a bubble head.  However, Champagne is the true elixir of bubbles.  All time fave Billecart -Salmon Rose- actually ANY champagne from Billecart -Salmon is beautiful.  An unusual and difficult to locate producer, is Champagne Philippe Prie.  Worth the search