You Are the Solution to Your Future

What comes to mind hearing the word HYPNOTHERAPY? Moreover, what do you envision hearing PAST LIFE REGRESSION HYPNOTHERAPY?  One aspect of this holistic treatment is that it might be far out there to some.. however it links to Price Pritchett, also a psychologist"

"You Are the SOLUTION TO YOUR FUTURE". (Price Pritchett)

My feelings on this process is that people are hurting in an extraordinary manner, meaning it's time to take extraordinary measures to help people. I am a firm believer that our society would greatly benefit from embracing the practices and treatments that are offered through  past life regression, Reiki, Healing Crystals

Elizabeth Lockhart provides  several remedies that are a must.  Many of these can be performed VIRTUALLY.

One point that I want to make about KARMA.. Elizabeth enlightened me that most of us have a misconception of KARMA thinking that it is a " payback" action for wrong deeds.

Elizabeth said KARMA does not provide a payback at all for wrong deeds.  Instead it is a path that helps people do right.. this is layman's terms, Elizabeth, forgive me if I oversimplified.

It creates an open mind to the next amazing path in finding your purpose in life**

Elizabeth Lockhart has studied with the Michael Newton Institute for eons… and she is qualified with the mental health counseling arena with an MS degree specifically. Additionally, her professional certifications are impressive which you can find on her website

What impressed me when I first met and spoke with Elizabeth is her gentleness, a compassionate ear.  She has embarked on this path of Holistic Healing - honestly our world needs this, but the larger reason is that she was guided to provide "alternative healing to addictions, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual well being and wholeness."

Studying with the Michael Newton Institute provides her with fine tuning her holistic treatments

  "We begin with a past life regression to establish comfort and trust, and as a "jumping off" point into one's existence as a soul in the soul realm. Life Between Lives ® spiritual regression hypnotherapy. " The Institute is focused on fine tuning its presence in the world right now, educationally and otherwise. 

 Michael Newton wrote Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy, and other books that were edited and published by the Michael Newton Institute, such as Wisdom of Souls, another great read. This work is intended to help people realize experientially that they are much more than their bodies, minds and emotions- more than their egos- we are all souls in a body on this journey called "Life!"  These efforts hold hopes that this will bring more peace, unconditional love, purpose and meaning to our existences here on Earth. 


Kundalini Yoga - Kundalini Beauty Secrets with Shiva Rose + Guru Jagat, author of Invincible Living - YouTube


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