Shohei, Taylor, Quantum Leaps: Baseball, Romance Luck?

Shohei, Taylor, Quantum Leaps: Baseball, Romance, Luck?


I don't usually talk about celebs, however there is a correlation here that I want to make between Shohei, Taylor and Quantum Leaps.

Quantum Leaps, according to Price Pritchett lead to explosive results.

We all have the capacity for Quantum Leaps.  Pritchett tells us, " we get in our way" of being open to them.

I am using these two celebs as examples because, while they are both young, they have already experienced difficult times, persevered, now laser focused to reach their penultimate.  Here are the takeaways: look at the five closest people you hang out with: are they people who you respect and can support each other in life's path? Stop wasting time on social media, Netflix, etc: Dr.Pritchett tells us that we use only ten% of our potential and waste sixty hours a week on the above.  This summer do something that opens you up to  quantum leaps. ( suggestions in the podcast)


Price Pritchett Quantum Leaps clip

pastedGraphic.pngShohei's humor.


Kundalini Yoga - practice this prosperity kriya.  It will help you find your tribe, be focused, excel. Prosperity and Protection

Wine - Champagne Demystified Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it." Madame De Pompadour

Champagne, the king of wines in France,  is so  misunderstood by many Americans as they like to call anything that has "bubbles", champagne.  I know this from my own experience of twenty-six years of selling French wine and other imports.

I don't correct them but I can guide them to the ultra difference between Champagne and Prosecco, Cava, Cremants, and America 

To clarify, Champagne - true Champagne, not the California illegally labeled champagne,  can only be made in Champagne,  France. Champagne is a specific region with very strict laws governing varietal, aging and production. To call American bubbles,  Champagne is akin to calling all "sneakers" NIKE…


Champagne HOUSES, have a distinct style of their own: the blend of varietals is usually a combination of Chardonnay, Petit Meunier and Pinot Noir.  The HOUSE style never 

Never.  It is extremely difficult to produce the exact same flavor profile every year.

Champagne by law must be aged at least two years before it is sold publicly. Krug ages their wines for at least five years before their entry level wine is sold.  That is very expensive inventory.


The process of creating a House style is technically challenging as the first fermentation basically prepares the wine for the crucial disgorgement to add the "dosage."

Think of this dosage as a "house secret sauce."

The second fermentation rests and ferments while the Champagne master turns each bottle by hand a quarter of inch. This process is called " riddling".  It is labor intensive as each bottle is turned a quarter of an inch by hand. Up to 40,000 bottles a day is common and the  remueur, the riddler, is making certain that the dosage and yeasts are blended into the wine bottle.

Today, it is more common to see mechanization of this process by gyropalettes.




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