Mindset: Romance and Baseball?


How does Romance begin?  And what does it have to do with Baseball? 

For one, don't you think that Romance is akin to a foreign language?

I have been studying European Portuguese for over a year and it's the  most difficult language that I am mastering: My French is fine, Italian so-so, Spanish ok… 

It is really difficult however, to hear this spoken language.  I believe that this need to understand the spoken language, is similar to understanding the language of ROMANCE. 

Our teacher Liz Sharma is young and very funny. She uses movie clips, music and live interviews to teach us via zoom classes: @talkthestreets.  Liz Sharma

Here is a clip of where the romance starts in this famous Portuguese film with Colin Firth  (Jamie) and Aurelia (Lúcia Moniz) LOVE ACTUALLY

Where the Romance begins… does it begin with this scene where she dives into the lake to rescue Jamie's book as the wind caught the pages?

  ..without her clothes on…https://youtu.be/DsugPaXH4kA?si=yxnX4IuwEjsxf-W0

Of course not… it started much sooner when you watch the entire film..

Point being that Romance is similar to learning a language or even baseball because of the nuances … you have to pay attention to the signals..

Just like baseball… bear with me… there are rules that are unwritten in our behavior.

Now baseball. … while it's true that you can't break the rules to play fair… there are some players that do bend them a little . Check this out….Batters smacking the helmuts of the poor catchers!!


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ADVENTURE, the baseball clip:


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