If You Had Twenty Years Left on This Planet

If You Knew that you had twenty years left on this planet, would you make a plan?  Perhaps you are the type who "goes with the flow."  Or you let others guide you through life.

I ask this question because I look back on my sixty-seven years and think WOW that was fast.. now what. I'm going to make these next twenty  -thirty years so remarkable that I remember every moment.  Mind you, my careers took me around the world and I have stunning memories.

Having made that plan I came across an organization, LOGAN LIGHT CENTER. "The Life Activation is an ancient healing handed down through direct lineage from the time of King Salomon. This 22 strand DNA activation fills you with Light at the very core of your being, allowing you to connect with your life's purpose, actualize your true potential, use more of your brain, release old emotional and thought patterns, and so much more! The session takes approximately 90 minutes.  There are practitioners all around the world that we can connect you to if you're not local to the Sarasota or Tampa Bay areas. Just send us a message to info@loganlightcenter.com and we will help you find someone as close to you as possible."

If you are in a career transition, life transition or emotional transition, TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  There are organizations that can guide you to a better path. "ALLINOURMINDS" SPECIAL OFFER  25% special: Life Activation from Logan Light Center in either Sarasota or Palm Harbor. Code  entered at checkout process on  website (www.LoganLightCenter.com) to apply the discount. Use this code ALLINOURMINDS to receive 25% off the session at both our Sarasota and Palm Harbor locations.

Logan Light Special Event March 23:


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